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Rumblings of the dreaded ‘R’ word have been in discussion since the start of 2021. With the global pandemic, Brexit and Ukraine War, the British nation have taken many hits and setbacks in the past two years. Shoppers are needing more support than ever as their purse strings become tighter... 

In July 2022, we released a report in partnership with Relative Insight about navigating a financial crisis including data for a full year (March 2021 to March 2022). We have now updated this report to include a better view of where we stand now in the midst of the cost of living crisis, with new data from Relative Insight up to September 2022


What’s included:

  • Market Overview including the effects of the pandemic, Brexit, the Ukraine war, and the energy and fuel crisis 
  • How inflation has affected shopper behaviour 
  • What shoppers are saying using real-time data from Relative Insight 
  • How brands can respond 
  • Recommendations for driving value perceptions 

Download the Report


Who we are:

Golley Slater is an award-winning marketing communications agency located across the UK, delivering work globally. As experts in Shopper Marketing for 20+ years, we’ve worked with some of the world’s leading consumer brands – one of which even wrote the ‘Recession Playbook’.

Relative Insight:

This report is created in collaboration with Relative Insight, a text analytics company. Relative Insight leverages comparison to analyse qualitative data at scale, helping you to understand how an audience, brand or organisation talk.